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Social Services:  

For any non-profit organization, Social Services is the backbone who executes the support for the food, shelter, education, medical assistance and other social welfare of the humans and also the support for nature. At KMCA, we have a strong team dedicated to the Social Services.

Being in the US, far away from our homeland, Kerala, our extent of support has to be all over the world. For a better-organized service and to concentrate on each section of the society based on its importance, KMCA has divided the Social Services department into three based on the geographical region.

1. Local: The country where we live in and where we earn our needs, United States, comes under this section. The services which will be carried out by KMCA under this category are:

  1.  Feed the hungry program
  2.  Volunteering at Shelter homes
  3.  Medical support for the KMCA member
  4.  Cleanup of any City Facility
  5.  Planting trees or Watering the plants with the support of the City
  6.  Cleanup and Preparation of Masjid prior to Ramadan

2. Kerala:

This is the place from where we all came in. KMCA has found out a variety of projects to be carried out in Kerala which will benefit a lot of people in the lower section of the society

  1. ZAKAT distribution during Ramadan
  2. Supporting a needy family monthly by a KMCA member (Aashritharkku oru Kaithangu)
  3. Mentor for higher education
  4. Widow Support
  5. Medical Support
  6. Support for House Construction
  7. Support for getting the water facilities (Well / Borewell)
  8. Support for Sanitation

3. Global:

The rest of the world comes under this section. The scope of this section are as follows:

  1. Charity (for the victims of war / victims of natural calamities OR for any other charity project)
  2. Medical Treatment (for the victims of war / victims of natural calamities)
  3. Sponsoring Students with financial help towards education and educational supplies

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