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Our primary goal is to promote any sport activities like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket etc , however we also encourage members to socialize amongst themselves. We organize annual summer picnic for our member in order to strengthen the relationships between the members and of course to have fun as well. We also have internal tournaments to promote a spirit of competition.

KMCA Volleyball team was formed on October 2014 with 8 players. The idea of forming this club is to give a platform for the KMCA community to have an active life style through volleyball like any other sport activities. Currently we have about 15 active players. This is no surprise as Volleyball is an extremely social and fun game, it provides an environment to unite and socialize our community friends & families in the KMCA.

Same with KMCA Badminton Though this club is formed to serve the KMCA community members, we also have active members from other communities. We welcome and accommodate everyone who has the passion for Badminton Game. Our Club is a fun learning and playing environment for all ages of Badminton lovers from novice to advanced level.

KMCA cricket team formed in 2016, surprisingly 45+ members participated in cricket tournaments conducted KMCA, no wonder its part every Indian's blood.

KMCA started conducting kids coaching camps in Volleyball from Jan 2017, also planning to extend in other game like basketball and soccer