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Kerala Muslim Community Association SF Bayarea (KMCA) was founded in 2015 as a community organization intended to bring Kerala Muslims and their families together. Currently, there are about 80+ subscribed families living in SF bay area. This website is intended to disseminate information interested to the Kerala Muslim community. The website also serves as a bridge between KMCA and members to inform the events and activities organized by KMCA and other organization across the bayarea. 

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From the inception of KMCA, it has been quite active with its services and activities to the community. KMCA organizes various programs such as Eid celebration, Annual Summer Picnic, and other family gatherings. It provides various services to the community ranging from Immigrant settlement assistance, Counselling & Mentorship and facilitates sports activities for the adults and kids. KMCA also participates in other mainstream social services such as Food drive for the shelter homes. 

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